PILANA – looking into the future, but also respecting the history

Our expedition facilities in Zborovice have always adapted and grown with the company. They are a living memory of our journey to global success and a place where we have always placed emphasis on the quality of service and the satisfaction of our customers. Let's take a journey through time – all the way back to 2007.

2007: Humble beginnings with big ambitio

At that time, we produced circular saw blades, saw bodies, gang saw blades and now also wide band saw blades in Zborovice. At that time, the expedition area was 457 m² and served us well. At the same time, however, we began to realize that our potential is much greater.

2010: The first step towards efficiency

Just three years later, in 2010, we moved our expedition to new premises of 322 m². We freed up the original hall for the expanding production of wide band saw blades, and optimized the new one with rack assemblies, which contributed to better use of the entire space.

2012: New products, new challenges

The year 2012 brought a revolution to our production, when part of the production was moved from the Hulín headquarters to the branch in Zborovice where we started producing flaker knives and then OSB knives and small blades for mobile chippers. With these new products came the need to expand not only the production but also the shipping facilities. So, we moved the expedition to a larger space with an area of 500 m² and again used proven rack assemblies. A novelty was their more efficient zoning for different types of products.

2014: Optimisation and new opportunities

2014 was a year of significant changes. We built a new office building and a new expedition with an area of 500 m² on the ground floor, which was located directly behind the entrance to the premises and significantly improved our logistics due to its strategic location. In addition, for greater efficiency of our operations, we have started to use a WMS (Warehouse Management System) to facilitate the handling and dispatching of finished products.

2024: Modern Expedition for the 21st Century

Finally, in 2024, we proudly opened our newest 1005 m² expedition hall. This modern space is equipped with two marking lasers, a new washing line, 960 pallet storage spaces for finished products and 86 pallet spaces for materials. We also have 114 m² reserved for the storage of metallurgical material. Thanks to the new premises and state-of-the-art equipment, we can focus on even better service to our customers, fast deliveries and flawless logistics.

Be the first to visit our new expedition

We have followed the traces of history to the present. And now you have a unique opportunity to see our new expedition facilities almost as if you were in person. We wish you a pleasant virtual tour, thank you for your support and look forward to the next years full of innovation and growth together with you.

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