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What are our strengths?

Heat treatment

We have one of the largest hardening and production capacities in Europe

We use multiple heat treatment technologies for tool steel in-house. We have the entire production under our own roof, so we can control the complete manufacturing process ourselves. In addition, we are constantly improving our machinery – which now numbers over 550 machines – in order to live up to our reputation: Pilana is a guarantee of an excellent price/performance ratio.


We offer consistent quality at all times

We have relied on our quality since the beginning and we pride ourselves on that. We are certified according to ISO 9001. We label each product carefully. We perform all material tests ourselves - we have our own fully equipped metallographic laboratory. For us, quality is not just a marketing term: it is a daily practice with visible results. Thanks to this, our products achieve maximum durability and the best mechanical properties.


We place emphasis on development and innovation

We are constantly developing new products, optimizing processes and investing in modernization. After almost 90 years on the market, we know that the essential element that really matters in every B2B business is to be able to listen and respond to customer needs. This sensitivity allows us to see the needs of our customers from a different perspective: as challenges which push us to further levels of excellence.


We have a large stock

We invest in the entire breadth of the portfolio, but focus on larger stocks of the best-selling goods. We ensure the stability of supplies even in uncertain times of possible material chain failure. We export 97% of our products to more than 85 countries around the world.


We are a fully Czech owned company with a global reach

We have grown up without any foreign capital and have increased our turnover by 400% in the last ten years. We successfully combine Czech entrepreneurship and "world" thinking. Even though there are over 800 of us, we still maintain the principles of a family business in which the right hand knows what the left is doing.


We really care about our customers

We do not hide in our offices. We visit customers all over the world, design custom-made solutions, speak nine languages and constantly monitor the needs of the markets in which we operate. When it comes to service, our philosophy is simple: we work for and with our customers, because together we are stronger.

History translated into experience

Our history is a reflection of the times and the way we fulfill our vision. Get to know us better.

1934 Foundation of the company in Hulín
Talented inventor and entrepreneur Josef Studeník founds a company called "První moravská továrna na sawy a nástroj"(‘’The First Moravian Saw and Instrument Factory’’), where he produces and repaired carpentry tools. In the same year, the company also launched the primary production of arc saw blades and band saws.
1936 Boom in production
Production is extended by arc and band saws to include, circular saws, belly saws and frame saws.

From the Czech Republic to the whole world

Industrial knives from Hulin are a mark of quality all over the world from France through the USA and Canada to Japan.

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