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Investment of the year: almost 2 million € into modernization of material cutting

In PILANA we are committed to technological advancement, and we keep our word. This year, we are going to invest almost 2 million € into new machinery and modernization of our production process,…


FANUC's new robotic workstation: the next step towards factory automation

To accelerate the pace of industrial knife production and increase overall efficiency and flexibility, we have implemented a new robotic system from the Japanese industry leader FANUC.

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New chamber furnaces from the Czech Republic improve the quality and sustainability of our production

In order to provide our customers with products manufactured with the highest precision and respect for the environment, we are constantly pushing the boundaries of heat treatment. We have just…

Re-grinding fixture

Make the sharpening of knife sets more effective with the help of our re-grinding fixture

Do you want to lower consumption of grinding material, save time and production costs? Use our fixture when sharpening flaker and OSB knives to increase the efficiency of the entire process. How to…

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  • Production

How to properly sharpen industrial knives in four steps

Sharpening knives plays a vital role in the production and maintenance of industrial knives. What to watch out for to achieve dimensional accuracy and quality of the knife surface? We have listed the…

  • Production

New custom-made vacuum furnace will significantly strengthen our hardening capacities

With almost ninety years of experience in the production of industrial knives and parts, we know how crucial it is to invest in production and continuously improve processes. To this end, we have…