Our history is centred around specific people and their life stories, thanks to which we have something today to build on.

1934 - Foundation of the company in Hulín
Talented inventor and entrepreneur Josef Studeník founds a company called ‘’The First Moravian Saw and Instrument Factory’’, where he produces and repaired carpentry tools. In the same year, the company also launched the primary production of arc saw blades and band saws.
1936 - Boom in production
Production is extended by arc and band saws to include, circular saws, belly saws and frame saws.
1939 - Production during the occupation
With the assistance of the "supervisory authority", the company continues production and supplies products to the German markets and Western Europe.
1942 - Construction of new buildings
A technical office, warehouse, administrative building, infirmary and a state-of-the-art production hall are built, where milling machine sets, knives and more are produced.
1944 - Employee record
The company employs a record 1200 people, many of whom are spared from forced labour in Germany thanks to the company owner.
1945 - End of the war and double nationalization of the company
The war ends, the plant is destroyed. In May, the first employees return and the repair of the machines began. Josef Studeník is arrested and accused of collaboration. The company goes into the hands of the state, but then it is again acquired by the original owner, who is released due to the intervention of the works council. The second nationalization of the company and the appointment of Josef Studeník as the head of the company, which now has over 800 employees, is underway.
1946 - Merger of companies and departure of Studeník
Supplies of materials from the Nordic countries are ensured. Studeník acquires 9 Czechoslovak companies with similar production programs and gives them a single name Pilana. By the end of the year, he is leaving the company Pilana Hulín.
1948 - Expansion of the portfolio and production facilities
We start to produce new products from hand circular saws to chain saws. The company is building a new production hall in the building of the old sugar refinery in Zborovice.
1958 - Company reorganization
We put into operation the most modern production building to date: the machine overhaul workshop. The "Pilana" company becomes part of the national company "Nářadí" in Prague.
1965 - Export of products to Europe
In the 60s and 70s, demand grew significantly, so Pilana expands its portfolio and modernizes the production process. The products receive their first awards: gold medals at the International Engineering Fair in Brno.
1984 - First record in company turnover
The company's turnover exceeds 530 mil. Kčs, turnover plan is met at 101.5%.
1991 - Privatization of the company
The Hulín plant becomes independent. The privatization project has the green light and, on this basis, Pilana, a state joint-stock company, and subsequently Walker Pilana s.r.o. are established.
1997 - Expansion abroad
During the 90s, Pilana enters foreign markets. In order to expand its scope and respond more quickly to market needs, it splits into several specialized companies: Pilana Wood, Pilana Metal, Pilana Knives, Pilana Tools and Saw Bodies.
2007 - Export to the whole world
The turnover of the Pilana group of companies is growing and the number of employees reaches 600. Over 80% of the company's products are exported abroad across all continents.
2008 - Acquisition of a Norwegian competitor
Leading Norwegian manufacturer of industrial knives, Mesna Bruk, declares bankruptcy and Pilana seizes the opportunity: it takes over a former factory and implements the most advanced technologies into the production process in Hulín.
2010 - A year of change
Reconstruction of technical equipment and entire production facilities is underway. The trend of producing tools from the highest quality steel according to DIN and ISO standards continues successfully.
2011 - Change of visual identity
Pilana modernizes its identity and changes its logo. The original snake is replaced by the symbol of the most successful product – the drum of a chipper with three blades.
2013 - Exceeding the threshold of one billion turnover
Pilana acquires its Swedish competitor MESNA STRIBI. It achieves a record turnover of CZK 1133 million.
2015 - Establishment of Pilana Group
A new company, Pilana Group, is established, which represents a group of several industrial companies and operates on the market under the Pilana brand.

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