A small change that can bring great savings

For many companies blade sharpening is nothing more than an everyday routine. The most commonly used machines to perform this task are grinding machines with tilt magnets that allow you to set the desired angle of the blade’s edge. Do you want to know how to make the whole process more effective? Use our fixture that will allow you to sharpen in bulks lowering consumption of grinding material, saving time and production costs and making the whole process more effective. 

We ensure everything - from delivery to training

Another advantage of using the fixture when sharpening flaker and OSB knives is its easy application. Do you want to see it in action? Watch our short video.

The fixture can be individually adapted to any grinding machine and the dimensions of the knives (length, thickness, and blade angle), we offer our professional help at all stages - from the delivery of the fixture to its installation, testing and training at your place.
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