Two companies, one goal: to take technology to the next level

Innovation and technology are part of our DNA. It is also thanks to them that we are now among the world leaders in the production of knives and parts for the recycling and woodworking industries. To stay at the forefront of the industry, we joined forces with a technology leader in vacuum and atmospheric furnace production to create the specially modified Vector vacuum furnace.

Making long and straight knives more efficient than ever

Seco/Warwick's Vector is a versatile vacuum furnace specially developed for the production of long and straight knives. It has custom-made dimensions, pressure and a filling and directional cooling system, which makes the process of hardening knives and parts significantly safer, more economical and more environmentally friendly.

What are the concrete benefits? Thanks to the furnace innovator, it allows us to ensure better control of quenching temperatures throughout the hardening process and prevent data distortion, eliminating undesirable deformations that arise in the hardening process as much as possible.

Would you like to know what exactly the Seco/Warwick engineers focused on in the production of this vacuum furnace and what are its other specifics? A summary of the most important elements can be found in the article from the manufacturer here.

"With the new vacuum furnace, we have made a leap forward. It will significantly help us to move the entire hardening process to an even better level, thereby strengthening our hardening capacity, which is currently one of the largest in Europe. We believe that through the Seco/Warwick collaboration, we will continue to be able to implement all the innovations in our daily routines smoothly and quickly to meet the growing needs of our customers in all 85 countries where we operate. "

 Sandra Čalová, CEO Pilana