These knives and parts for wood sawmill machines are used in sawmill operations for primary round timber processing and board production.  We produce them from high-quality alloy steel using advanced technology and know-how gained over 90 years in the industry. This makes our sawmill knives and parts durable and reliable, and are used by people in the woodworking industry around the world. The best-selling of them can be found in the e-shop, the others are available on request.

Pilnicové nože

In addition to sawmill knives, you will find knives for reducing the end of the trunk, debarking knives monolithic or with TCT plates, chipper knives and profiling knives. As accessories for sawmill knives we produce chip breakers, knife holders and other fasteners. Our sawmill knives fit to machines of the world leading brands as Linck, EWD, Baljer-Zembrod, Bruks, Hombak or Lindex Sawmill Tools.

Kryogení metoda

Knives and accessories for sawmills are manufactured from chipper 5 and chipper 8 steel using atmospheric and vacuum heat treatment and cryogenic methods that guarantee maximum durability, accuracy, and long-term reliability of products even in the most demanding conditions.


Please let us know which products you are interested in, their dimensions, and the quantity you require, or provide the name of the machine for which you need parts. We will be happy to prepare a price quote for you.

The maximum file size is 12 MB
The maximum file size is 12 MB