Nožový věnec

These knives are used in the wood construction and furniture industries. They are part of machines for the production of chipboard, MDF and HDF boards and OSB panels where pure and recycled wood is processed. We produce them from high-quality alloy steel designed for these applications using advanced technology based on our 90 years of industry know-how. As a result, these products achieve a long service life and maximum performance with minimal maintenance costs.  Knives and parts for the production of chipboard, MDF and HDF boards and OSB panels are produced on the basis of individual demand.

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Among these parts for the woodworking industry you will find wear plates, flaker knives, OSB knives, OSB holders, flaker knife holders, counter-knives, protection plates, guiding rails, v-segments and conidur screens for wet and dry mills, parts for chipper machines, impellers, knife rings and beams. These products are designed for machines of leading world brands such as. Pallmann, Maier, Globus, Bruks-Klockner or Leonhardt.

We produce flaker knives in various material variants, e.g. Antirust, Marathon and Chipper. 


A large selection of worn or damaged parts do not need to be replaced with new ones – just overhaul them and extend their service life. If you send us a photo with visible wear or damage to a particular part or unit, our technicians will assess the possibilities of overhauls and our sales department will send you and offer with the cost calculation. More information about the possibilities of overhaul of impellers, knife rings, grinding tracks, rollers or debarker knives can be found on the Services page.  


Please let us know which products you are interested in, their dimensions, and the quantity you require, or provide the name of the machine for which you need parts. We will be happy to prepare a price quote for you.

The maximum file size is 12 MB
The maximum file size is 12 MB