We support Czech industry

Our existing machine park, numbering over 550 machines, will be expanded by more machines this year. These are modern chamber furnaces, made in the Czech Republic, which will make the method of heat treatment of tool steel more efficient. But these furnaces are not only technological advances for us – they are also an example of our commitment to appreciate the qualities of Czech engineering and support local industry.

Technological innovations prepare us for the future

With increasing demands on quality, it is crucial for us to invest in technologies that will allow us to maintain our competitive advantage. Thanks to the new chamber furnaces, we are able to achieve global standards and defend our position as a world leader in the production of industrial knives and parts.

When economy and ecology go hand in hand

A responsible approach to production is not only about quality, but also about sustainability. The new chamber furnaces are able to operate in a protective atmosphere that prevents material degradation and also reduces the energy consumption of our processes. Another of the key features of these machines is their astounding temperature field stability. With a value of 2°C, we can confidently say that every product that undergoes our heat treatment is subjected to precise and consistent temperature control.